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MaiHe China Detailing Company
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MaiHe China is a specialized structural steel detailing company.We have 10+ year steel detailing experience with successful projects all over the world, most of them in Europe and the United States.

Give us a chance: we'll positively surprise you.


Our detailers have collected through the years extensive experience with European and American projects. Our latest technology and old school teaching combined with great information management are key assets to make your project successful. We'll keep good track of all request for information (RFIs) and all the Technical Queries (TQ) in order to deliver a consistent product.

We guarantee timely results and excellent turn around time.

Our Office is China,We have much lower labor cost,So our price is very competitive with high quality. Let us do the HARD WORK! Our large pool of hard working technicians will let us gain good edge and nice mark-up

Many foreign engineering companies subcontract detailing to us: we'll give you the model to perform your checks but, once your standards and specifications are correctly given to us, we'll follow them closely.

We use Tekla Structures or SolidEdge 3D Modeling or Autocad.

You are very welcome to come to Dalian, China and visit us. We hope we will become your strategic supplier and best partner
Detailing by experienced detailers

Steel detailers with Tekla

Examples of project performance:
  • JinGang Shipyard, China - 9150tons (4months)
  • Pizza building, New York - 20 tons (30days)
  • Temporary Grandstand, Italy - 97tons (1week)
  • Casting platforms, South Korea - 860tons (50days)
  • College building, Australia - 17tons (2weeks)
  • School building, New York - 45 tons (60days)
  • 3 story Office building, Italy - 240tons (15weeks)
  • Saipem workshop, Congo - 380tons (35days)
  • ABB Industrial buildings, Congo - 338tons (40days)
  • Pump station, California - 4tons (20days)
  • Private residence, Connecticut - 20 tons (40days)
  • Emergency Generator, California - 5tons (20days)
  • Borouge Polymers Plant (55 structures) Abu Dhabi - 2350tons (6months)
  • Canopy ,California - 2 tons (7days)
  • ZhuCheng shipyard, China - 4085tons (3months)
  • Casting platforms, Kuwait - 360tons (2months)
  • 6 roofs, Italy - 25tons (3weeks)
  • Stairs and misc., California - 3tons (15days)
  • Sonatrach, Workshop and warehouses, Algeria, 500tons (11weeks)
  • ABB PipeRacks, Congo - 581tons (1month)
  • Danieli Bridge, Egypt - 70tons (3weeks)
  • Industrial platforms,Turkey - 600tons (45days)
  • Cooling tower, Belgium - 20tons (7days)
  • Snamprogetti Refinery Towers and Piperacks, Italy - 333tons (2months)
  • Library at Primary School, Australia - 14tons (2weeks)
  • Technip stuctures, Poland - 120tons (1month)
  • Warehouse, Switzerland - 27tons (1week)
  • Shell offshore platforms, Nigeria - 3500tons (3months)
  • 10 story industrial tower, Italy - 600tons (11weeks)
  • Silo structures, Canada - 100tons (5weeks)

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